Increase your self-worth, wellness, and creativity



I invite you to join me in fighting limiting beliefs, fear, and loneliness with creative expression, love, and movement.


Too long have we been told stories that keep us asleep, scared, confused, and programmed with smallness instead of unlimited magic and joy.  Too often we live afraid of expressing ourselves vulnerably, loving deeply, and stepping into our power. 

I believe those who tell the stories rule the world, and that your expression and happiness deeply matter...and are your responsibility. 


​I live to learn and teach about love, creativity, and wellness. 

I'm a dancer, actor, writer, teacher, speaker, and mystic; I've worked with brands such as HBO, MAC Cosmetics, Warner Bros, LemiShine, Pure Silk, DivaDance, Living Security, and more.

I commit to seek and speak the Highest Truth and give and receive the Highest Good.

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There are no limits - only beliefs

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