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Want to live a joyful, creative, beautifully-expressed life by mastering how and why you move while getting a workout disguised as a dance party?

Stop confusing motion with progress and start enjoying creating your reality by deeply connecting with your body...no dance experience necessary! 

Imagine if...


...you knew immediately what your experience is trying to teach you no matter how discouraging or frustrating it is.

...you were tapped into your power and intuition and could courageously put the real you out there without hesitation.

...you felt comfortable in your body, sensual, and confident no matter what you were wearing.


...you could transform fear into self-worth, love, and inner authority in the blink of an eye.

...you were able to take massive, aligned action toward any goal and have no concern about what other people thought.


...you never felt like you were trying or 'efforting', yet accomplished everything you wanted to.

...you felt totally immersed in the present moment and made conscious decisions instead of reacting from conditioned behavior.

...you were able to master your inner critic and love exactly who you are right now--and who you're becoming.

...you felt confident af on any dance floor or in any dance class.

Want to make this your reality?

This transformative experience is your blueprint.

Give it a try by booking a free private lesson below! 

Maggie B.

Month of Movement is nothing short of dance therapy. I was in the process of seriously dealing with strong dissociation issues with my body and, along with other things I was doing, Natalie's Month of Movement was the best supplement. Super empowering and body-positive, Natalie made me feel sexy, safe and heard. Great program, awesome human.

Mitzi S.

I truly feel like I have better tools to check in with myself as a creative, as a business owner, and as a person. Now that I’m clear on who I AM and WHY I create, I can effortlessly and confidently communicate it to others.

The quarter after working with Natalie was our most profitable yet!

Myra L.

Natalie is brilliant. She listens to people and sees people in a way that is extraordinary. Every interaction I have, I can feel her infectious grounded energy radiating which not only makes me feel more confident as a human but incredibly safe.

Month of Movement

Month of Movement is 4 weeks, 1 hour per week, of coaching and private dance/movement lessons to learn the tools for decoding the blueprint for happiness, purpose, and creative freedom locked in your body.

Emotions = quality of life. Embodied cognitive science states our cognition, and how we feel, is more than just the brain...it's an integrated, whole system experience.

"Without the involvement of the body in both sensing and acting, thoughts would be empty, and mental affairs would not exhibit the characteristics and properties they do."

- Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

The body doesn't lie; it is a gift and a bridge for your spirit to experience the energy of the physical world.

Your body holds onto emotions. Your mental limiting beliefs and patterns are trapped in your body as physical limits and patterns, and in order to make aligned progress this can be healed and released through movement.

Mindful, expressive movement is so important to simply unlocking "you". Getting in touch with your body and understanding the language it speaks to you constantly about your experience is the key to the self-realization kingdom.

Know thyself and thou shall know all the mysteries of the gods and of the universe

How it goes doWn

Before your first lesson you'll be given a workbook to journal through along with your movement homework each week. You'll also send over some of your favorite music so we can customize lessons for you.

All you need is an internet connection, a device that connects to Zoom, some comfy clothes, and a few square feet of space.

Each lesson will be half conversation/education and half integrating the learning into your body with movement/dance/stretches so you tune into how the principles ring true for you and grow muscle memory around them.

Each week focuses on a different alchemical element (fire, earth, air, and water) and how they relate to your energy centers in your body. By mastering these elements, you master carpe diem and resourcefulness, and life becomes the joyous, creative process of turning shit to gold.

After the month is up, you are eligible for Monthly Movement, an exclusive membership for continued mastery and growth.


We'll discuss, groove, laugh, maaaybe cry, pull some tarot/oracle cards (if you're down), and take an honest, safe look at what your movement, feeling, and thought patterns are trying to teach you...while giving you the tools to dance to the rhythm of your soul no matter what your circumstances are.

This isn't a program where you work really hard so you can maybe one day be happy and love some future version of yourself; this is about expansion and  understanding, loving, and accepting who you are now so you can make intentional progress from a place of knowledge and worthiness.

Let's see if we're a fit!

Hey! You made it to the bottom of the page aka I'm already in love with you.

I'm Natalie and Month of Movement is my baaaaby. I'm who you'll be hanging out with during the most transformative month of your mf life.

This all started when I was studying acting and dance in college and realized by obsessively observing how people moved in different emotional states I could cultivate any emotional state by moving my body in that way.

While I did this to be able to embody characters, when I graduated and entered the 'real world' what I realized is that this emotional and physical mastery allows you to traverse any situation or experience with not only ease and enjoyment but tailored/calculated growth and learning.

TBH I would've mocked a landing page like this years ago with it's promises of 'happiness' and 'love'. But that's exactly why life gave me so many lessons on self-worth and trusting your inner authority until I finally surrendered to seeing life as something happening for me and not against me. That's when I could see the tools in my life for what they were and the magic reeeally started.

Ya girl is LEARNED in many styles of dance and yoga, high magick, the creative process, theatre, metaphysics, psychology, and logic. I've combined all my experience into this signature program because if I can teach someone in a month what has taken me years to learn and turn into my most valuable tool for leading a fulfilling life--that's exactly what I'm gonna do.

Come play!

let's hang out here:

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