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 Natalie Tischler


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Tale Spinner's


 A Brand Storytelling Mastermind for Creative Entrepreneurs and Service Providers

Connect with your ideal client by reaching into the sincerest parts of your heart and bringing your message to the forefront of your content 


I'm Natalie Tischler and I'm am an actor, dancer, model, writer, and brand storyteller working in film, commercial, and live entertainment. At age eight, my parents built a small stage in our basement and gave me a camcorder. I’ve loved stories and creative problem solving ever since.


Though the kinds of projects I get involved in range from Beyoncé dance classes to immersive cybersecurity trainings, they all have something in common: great stories, teamwork, and innovation. I tell stories because they lead to connection and have the power to entertain, educate, and empower.  

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Theatre Performance and Mathematics from the University of Evansville. I am a strategist, creator, teacher, performer, and dreamer.

I dream big

I move with energy

Collaboration is my fuel

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