Living Security

Living Security provides engaging and intelligence-driven Cyber Security Awareness solutions to employees in the enterprise. From escape rooms to sitcoms, their gamified trainings serve clients such as CVS Health and Verizon.

Since November 2018, I've been writing, producing, casting, and acting in some of their latest projects.

 Brown Burlesque

Brown Burlesque Brunch started in August 2017 with a sold out event involving a three course barbeque brunch provided by the saloonlike location (Freedman's), two cocktails by the sponsor (Fernet Branca), and a two act live jazz cabaret/burlesque show. I aided in the production, creative direction, choreography, and talent of this event.

Brown Burlesque has since gone on to create cocktail hours in unique locations* for Infinium Spirits and Teeling Whiskey as well as private entertainment.

*Bykowski Tailor and Garb - photo right

Video Portraits

I am passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs share their stories. I help them through the ideation, scripting, production, and distribution of biographical media for their brand.

I help the development and experience of your brand's story. Sharing your story showcases idea to execution so consumers know what makes your brand unique and valuable. 

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