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craft Your Story with creativity and Joy

and grow your audience by mastering the distribution of your message 

ONce upoN a tiMe,

the world roamed free from media bombardment...

But that time is not now and that place is not here. Nowadays, we have influence coming from every direction, and people determine authenticity in a heartbeat.

But nothing creates joy, hope, and brand loyalty like good stories.

That's why The Tale Spinners Mastermind was created. Because we each possess the seeds of creation within us and can impact the world when we share our message, stories, and value with clarity, intention, and empathy. 

+We're going to tear down the walls that keep you from seeing your brand from the outside and adding value with your marketing.

+You'll develop distinct boundaries that support a sincere, joyful creative process while fueling your purpose.

+You'll have the tools to put your clarity into motion.

+You'll connect with and grow your target audience--bringing them joy while saving you your valuable time.

+You'll truly see yourself as the creative you've always dreamed of being and never fear writer's block or your never-ending content demands.

Expert training to clarify your message and employ it in your marketing

 in 8 weeks of 1-on-1 coaching and group calls

dive into the sincerest parts of your heart


bring your message to the forefront of your content









What's Your Story?

Who is it for?
  • You're a business owner or service provider who wants create authentic marketing content that grows your audience.

  • You'd love to feel effortless and effective in your content creation process--sharing from your heart but having boundaries.

  • You know having a brand is essential--no matter the stage of your business--and want to create additional value for your audience and consumers.

  • You want a mission that isn't just a statement but something you live your life by and channel optimal decision making through.

  • You believe your offering can impact the life of your ideal client, and you want to get the right people emotionally engaged in your mission.

  • You want to share stories but can't always find the right words or way to express what you mean.

Why tell stories?
  • "Those who tell the stories rule the world." 

  • "Storytelling is a powerful tool that can mean the difference between extraordinary status and being just another brand." - Entrepreneur

  • "Illuminate your little patch of ground...light them up..." - Alan Moore

  • "In this cluttered landscape, it is the stories that break through.  They are how we create relationships with brands and how we connect as a community." - Media Village

  • "Everyone loves a good story. Storytelling is a critical, but often overlooked, skill every business owner should have." - Inc

  • "Storytelling can be a powerful tool that enables marketers to understand what is going on in the marketplace and what that means for the customer, consumer, society, brand, and company." - Forbes

How will it work?
  • Registration opens December 2019. Starting January 15, over eight weeks, you'll have three 90 minute 1-on-1 coaching sessions and three group Zoom call lessons.

  • You'll first receive The Tale Spinner's Workbook which will be our guide through mastering your message and a resource to look back on. 

  • The first group lesson is about crafting stories. We'll cover everything from imagination and empathy, to dramatic composition and narrative structure. The calls will be recorded.

  • The second group lesson is about sharing stories. We'll provide you with the logistical side of development and distribution--with a special section on process optimization by expert Mackenzie Sweeney.

  • The third group lesson will feature stories we share with each other and practice putting our tools into use. Practice--aloud and in front of others--is invaluable.
    "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." - African Proverb

  • Finally, we'll discuss the right channels and technologies for you to journey on with. From blogs to podcasts to immersive events, there are so many ways to share your story, provide value, and bring joy to your audience. We will put into motion the exact strategy that will drive your business forward, reach your target audience, and increase brand loyalty.


My name's Natalie Tischler. I love fun, creativity, and beauty, and I believe your story is powerful. I also believe you can work magic with how you tell it.

In elementary school I was in a club called "Tale Spinners" that would tell folk tales at assemblies and amusement parks. Around that time my parents built a small stage in our basement and gave us an old video camera. I've loved storytelling and creative problem solving ever since.

I fell in love with dramaturgy in college, and I created The Tale Spinner's Mastermind after years of creating content for creative entrepreneurs. I realized it would be more beneficial and fulfilling for them (or their teams) to have the tools to do what I was doing  rather than have me making things for them. 

I am an actor, dancer, writer, educator, and brand storyteller with a degree in Theatre and Math. 


I've worked for brands such as HBO, MAC Cosmetics, Life Time, Warner Bro Records, Lemi Shine, Pure Silk, and more.

SpeciaL Guest

Mackenzie Sweeney

I am a process engineer and expert in customer journey optimization. What that means is that I am a versatile and profound thinker who understands any audience I am around. I have been graced with the gift of understanding big pictures ideas and discerning what details are needed. I have the ability to get people from where they're at in their minds into the reality of that vision in this world.

I will teach you how to optimize your day for creating content without overwhelm and achieving maximum results.

"Natalie helped me boil down the details of my brand story into one clear message and gave me the voice and tools to share it. Sometimes we need help when our passion is SO close to us. Having a helpful, detail-oriented and caring storyteller like Natalie made this process easy and satisfying.

My inbox was flooded with inquiries within 48 hours of sharing content created from working with Natalie!"

-Mitzi Starkweather of Mitzi Starkweather Photography

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"There is No Greater

Agony thaN

Bearing an Untold

StorY inSide You"

-Maya Angelou


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