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You are Creative beyond Your wildest Dreams and Your Story matters

But we don't always feel that way, do we? Old stories and habits keep us locked in the past.

We get caught in life's current and run on autopilot with an agenda full of fear and diversions.


So how do we transform? Create a new story.


But I'm not talking about just with pen and paper, a new story begins with your movement, purpose, and boundaries.


Behind the confusion, small talk, and noise is the real reason you create, the message at the center of your heart.


And when you move, speak, and create from this authentic voice, the truth, your creativity becomes an endless well of aligned energy and productive play.

Now let's write this story! Joyous work lies ahead, easily book a dance class, story power hour, or mastermind here.


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Story Power Hour

1 -on- 1 Consulting for Entrepreneurs, Brands, and Artists

Master your story in one session by deeply understanding your mission and core values and communicating them with creativity and joy.

If you want to dive in further, this session fee is credited to The Tale Spinner's Mastermind upon signup.

The Tale Spinners Mastermind

Grow your creativity, productivity, and purpose by reaching into the most sincere parts of your heart to craft and share your story and expertise. 

8 weeks of group coaching and 1 -on- 1 sessions about storytelling, self-expression, process optimization, marketing, and content creation.

Space is limited in this curated group; registration opens December 2019 and closes after orientation on January 15, 2020.


"The number one struggle I have found within my business was having the words and ways to showcase my expertise in my field.

Natalie's methodology and coaching helped me to clarify my message so much that it ended up enhancing HOW I run my business. Watching how Natalie HEARD my story and how she delivered feedback & homework was INSTRUMENTAL."

- Mackenzie Sweeney, Mack Motion


"I truly feel like I have better tools to check in with myself as a creative, as a business owner, and as a person. Now that I’m clear on who I AM and WHY I create, I can effortlessly and confidently communicate it to others.

The quarter after working with Natalie was our most profitable yet!"

- Mitzi Starkweather, Mitzi Starkweather Photography

"I didn't know how to explain the shift I was making in my business, I knew the whole story but I didn't know how to express it. Natalie had this way of being able to express herself and make a character and a story well, and I wanted to apply her unique perspective to my business. I've learned how to express myself and its helped my business and ultimately my life."

-Gabrielle Westbrook, Enneagram Coach

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